The ex-footballer has been chastised for his remarks against the Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur referee.
Jermaine Jenas, a former Newcastle United player turned pundit, has been chastised on social media for contradicting himself on a major campaign imploring football fans not to attack officials.

Weeks after leading an FA and Premier League campaign to shield match officials from constant criticism, the 40-year-old resorted to social media during the North London derby on Sunday to express his displeasure with referee Robert Jones, swearing: ‘Complete ****house of a referee! They’re all destroying our game!’
It sparked outrage online, and now former Toon front-of-shirt sponsor FUN88 has stepped in in a way that some Geordies will appreciate.

BBC pundit Jermaine Jenas slammed by referee charity over 'disgraceful'  X-rated tweet during Arsenal vs Tottenham | The Sun

Using Jenas’ campaign video and his social media comments about the ref, FUN88 said, ‘A narrative in four photographs,’ accompanied with the sweating emoji.
“I hold my hands up, I got it wrong yesterday,” the commentator wrote after apologizing for his statements.

“I should know better than most about the responsibility we have as fans, players, and pundits, as well as the impact our words online can have, because it’s an area in which I’ve been vocal.”

“My emotions got the better of me and I apologise to The FA and to all match officials.”

Jenas joined Tottenham Hotspur in 2005 after three years at Newcastle. However, in 2018, he made some unsavory remarks regarding his time in black and white, claiming that his performances suffered after returning from international service because ‘demand wasn’t as great at Newcastle’.

This sparked outrage among Manchester United fans, with former teammate Alan Shearer publicly apologizing and tweeting: “On behalf of myself and my teammates at the time, we apologise Jermaine Jenas for not being up to your level when you returned from England games!!?”

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