West Brom takeover news to bring ‘peace and tranquility’ to Baggies fans – Kieran Maguire

The awaited West Brom takeover, which is now closer to fruition with Guochaun Lia set to choose among three potential bidders, is expected to provide solace and assurance to Baggies supporters, as suggested by Kieran Maguire on The Price of Football (14 December). Maguire, a football finance expert from the University of Liverpool, pointed to positive signs, including a recent loan from MSD Holdings and progress reported by John Percy in the Telegraph.

West Brom

Maguire emphasized that the loan from MSD Holdings indicates confidence in the deal’s success and anticipates a period of exclusivity with one of the interested parties, leading to new ownership and relief for fans. Reflecting on West Brom’s challenging period since Jeremy Peace’s ownership, Maguire highlighted the non-football-oriented approach of previous lenders and the potential positive impact of new owners focused on the club’s long-term sustainability.

West Brom

With the West Brom financial situation known to be precarious, Maguire sees the imminent conclusion of the takeover as a crucial development. Despite the squad’s effective management under Carlos Corberan during the summer, the existing financial constraints may necessitate player departures unless a takeover agreement is swiftly reached. Maguire sees the next four or five weeks as a critical window for a new owner to alleviate budget pressures and ensure a successful promotion push. However, he cautions that any deviation or delay in the takeover process could still have adverse effects on the squad at a pivotal juncture, underscoring the importance of the final stages of the process.

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