According to Mike Dodds, Sunderland is talking to Jobe Bellingham about their strike possibilities for the upcoming campaign.

Although Mike Dodds acknowledges that Sunderland will want more choices up front the following season, he thinks Jobe Bellingham is a real possibility to be one of those possibilities.

For the previous three games, Bellingham has been back in the starting lineup for Sunderland. Against Cardiff City, he scored to help the Black Cats snap their losing streak. After that, Sunderland lost 5-1 to Blackburn Rovers, but against Bristol City, Dodds was pleased with the 18-year-old.

Although Bellingham is still learning certain aspects of the job, the interim head coach says he is being cautious not to overburden him and that he has great potential.

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Dodds stated, “He was very, very good in two of the three games, the first game in particular.”

“I was really impressed with his movement during the first half on Saturday; it completely disrupted their defensive line. Chris Rigg’s movement was also excellent. Their dynamic play was the primary reason behind our numerous chances in the first half. We meticulously review footage of all players, especially the younger ones. However, I still believe there are areas in Jobe’s game where he needs to refine certain movements, react quicker, but it’s important to acknowledge that he’s playing in a demanding position at such a young age. This season has highlighted more than ever the significance of his role.
Personally, I’m eager for more options in that area. While it’s essential to analyze other players’ performances in development, with Jobe, who’s already handling a significant workload, we must be cautious not to overwhelm him. Therefore, focusing primarily on his development is crucial.”

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