Eddie Howe acknowledged that he would advise any player to avoid social media platforms and counseled his team to disregard criticism they received on the platform. Some fans have been critical of Newcastle United online for the last few months due to their lackluster performance. However, Howe thinks his players should strive to protect themselves from this and make sure they take advise from the right people.

Howe stated: “I constantly consider the source of criticism when considering outside opinions. The problem with social media and that type of feedback, though, is that it lacks a face.

I would advise the players to keep their circle of friends extremely small and to only listen to those they truly trust and believe in. In this way, I believe you will receive honest feedback and the kind of feedback you require. You never know where an opinion is coming from or whether it is valid. With all due respect, if you expose yourself to too many viewpoints, many people lack the intelligence to provide an accurate evaluation.


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Then, a question about Howe’s counsel for young football players regarding the dangers of social media was posed. The 46-year-old emphasized once more how important it is for athletes to follow the right mentors and individuals in their lives.

He declared: “I wouldn’t advise my son to pursue his dream of being a football player. That’s my recommendation, but I won’t lecture the players; they’ll act in their own best interests.

“The ideal person to talk to you about that would be the players. I can offer guidance, but in the current world, I don’t think you can completely turn off technology, even if you’re not using it, as others will still want to talk to you about what they’ve read.

“Even when someone has the best of intentions, they still have the ability to influence you with their viewpoint. It’s best to keep your group small and value the advice of those you can truly trust.”

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