Newcastle United enjoyed a remarkable 2022/23 season, earning them a coveted spot in the Champions League for the first time in over two decades. However, the additional fixtures seemed to overwhelm the first-team squad, which has been plagued by a staggering number of injuries since their season peak of dominating Paris Saint-Germain at St. James Park.

Throughout the ongoing season, the team’s progress has been marked by a pattern of advancement followed by setbacks, with consistency proving elusive for the club.

Newcastle set for huge financial windfall

At this point, it remains uncertain whether the Saudi Public Investment Fund will consider a change in the managerial position. However, such a decision would seem unfair to Steve Bruce, Jason Tindall, and the rest of the coaching staff.

Their recent performance against West Ham showcased the team’s unwavering commitment to their manager, indicating a strong bond between the players and Howe. This loyalty and dedication from the first team should be taken into account when assessing the situation.

With only a few games left to play, there remains a slim possibility of securing a position in European competitions for Newcastle United. A higher finishing position would result in a significant financial boost at the end of the season.


As reported by Chronicle Live, Newcastle could potentially earn up to £46.9 million, a sum that would undoubtedly assist the club in adhering to Financial Fair Play regulations and strengthening their financial standing.

According to the outlet’s calculations, every position gained in the Premier League table equates to an additional £2.2 million in earnings for Newcastle United. Alongside the standard base payment received by all clubs, television revenue must also be factored into the equation.

A potential sixth-place finish, for instance, could fetch them approximately £33 million. However, factoring in the additional revenue from Champions League participation, the total could soar to £46.9 million.

Such financial prospects are undoubtedly welcomed by all involved with the club.

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