Adidas served as the kit supplier during the illustrious Kevin Keegan era, a period fondly remembered as “The Entertainers” era, when Newcastle United captured the hearts of football fans across the nation and became many people’s second favorite club.

Some of the most iconic Newcastle kits were produced during the Adidas era, contributing to the enduring popularity of that period. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that anticipation is running high for the new collaboration, which elevates Newcastle to the status of one of Adidas’ elite clubs.

In addition to the excitement surrounding the upcoming kits, the deal represents a significant financial boost for Newcastle United. This is particularly noteworthy as the club has encountered recurring challenges with Financial Fair Play regulations in the past.


Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct has taken Newcastle United to court

Not everyone is pleased with the terms of the deal, as former Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has initiated legal action against the club. This stems from Newcastle’s exclusivity arrangement with Adidas and JD Sports, which excludes Sports Direct from stocking and selling the new kits.

Ashley contends that this arrangement constitutes unfair business practice, prompting legal action against Newcastle United. The court proceedings commenced recently, and as a result, the launch date for the first Adidas kit in 14 years has been disclosed.

As revealed by the court, via Jacob Whitehead of The Athletic, fans can anticipate the release of the new kit on June 7th of this year. This revelation signals that it won’t be long before supporters catch a glimpse of the eagerly awaited designs.


Adidas Newcastle United 24-25 Concept Kits - No More Castore - Based on Leaked Adidas 2024 National Team Kits - Footy Headlines

We think we have a reason why Sports Direct has been cut off

The decision to prohibit Sports Direct from selling Newcastle United replica kits next season has been met with opposition from representatives of the company, who label it as “abuse,” “anti-competitive,” and “unlawful” without any “objective justification.”

However, one could argue that there is indeed an objective justification for this decision. Over the course of 14 years, Mike Ashley’s ownership of the club resulted in significant strain and hardship, prompting the new owners to distance themselves from any association with him. Their focus now lies on rectifying the damage inflicted during Ashley’s tenure, necessitating a break from past dealings.

Whether or not this justification is entirely objective may be up for debate. Nevertheless, the excitement remains high as fans eagerly anticipate the release of the new kits in June!

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