Current Nottingham Forest news as the FA announces significant modifications to the FA Cup for the upcoming seasonFA Cup replays will no longer be broadcast by the Football Association starting in the 2020–21 season. Nuno Espirito Santo, the head coach of Nottingham Forest, may be in favor of this decision.

When the Reds were defeated by Blackpool in their third-round match earlier this season, the Portuguese claimed replays ought to be eliminated. This meant that the team’s intentions to spend their winter break at St George’s Park for double training sessions and team-building had to be canceled.

“We began the game poorly and lacked momentum from the start. We conceded too easily, especially in the first half, which was not up to our standards. Our inability to create many chances compounded the issue. Ultimately, conceding early made our job much more challenging.”

“Credit to our response after the setback. We created clear opportunities, but unfortunately, we couldn’t capitalize on them today. It’s a disappointing moment, but the positive is that we have another opportunity to make amends.

“I haven’t reviewed the match yet, but we’ll analyze it to understand why our performance was lackluster in the first half.

“Blackpool’s defensive organization was commendable, consistently blocking the central areas. However, our tempo was too slow, and we need to work on improving that aspect.”


Nottingham Forest head coach Nuno Espirito Santo watches on against Blackpool

Regarding the improved second-half performance:

“We recognized the need for a reaction after a subpar first half. I believe we responded well. The second half was much better. Our aim was to seize control of the game’s momentum and assert ourselves, which we managed to achieve.

“The reaction from the team was positive, but there were also areas where we fell short, and we’ll need to address those.”

On how a replay affects plans for the winter break, including a trip to St George’s Park:

“We’ll need to reassess our plans. When we initially decided on going to St George’s Park, we considered what would benefit the team the most. Now, the priority is preparing for the replay in Blackpool.

“We have to adapt our plans accordingly. Our focus now is on the replay, so we’ll have to forego the break initially scheduled. It’s about prioritizing what’s best for the team, and at this moment, that means preparing for the replay.”

Regarding Morgan Gibbs-White:

“Morgan has been performing well and finding the back of the net. However, he faced challenges this week due to a dead leg injury sustained in the final moments against Manchester United. Despite the pain, he showed great determination and delivered a fantastic performance, capped off with a beautiful goal. Credit to him for his dedication and remarkable performance.”

On FA Cup replays:

“The congested fixture schedule is a reality that everyone is aware of. There’s a significant number of games being played almost daily. This situation needs to be addressed.

“In my opinion, matches should be decided on the day, whether through extra time or penalties. This would give players more time to recover. Premier League teams are particularly affected by this congested schedule, and it contributes to the issues with injuries we’re witnessing.”


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