Even though it’s Wednesday, the Reds are still hurting from the three penalty calls they missed on Sunday.

It sounds like there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding Attwell and Forest, with accusations of incompetence and questionable decisions. It’s understandable that fans would be frustrated and even angry about the situation, especially if they feel that important games are being mishandled. The decision to include Attwell in the Euro 2024 VAR team despite the criticism adds another layer to the controversy. It seems like there’s a lot for Forest fans to process and potentially be upset about.

New report exposes Stuart Attwell detail from Forest clash

It sounds like there’s a lot of frustration and disappointment surrounding Attwell’s performance during the game, especially regarding the decisions made and the use of VAR. The fact that Attwell chose not to review a potentially crucial incident adds to the criticism of his handling of the match. It’s understandable that fans would feel that such actions undermine the integrity of the game and raise questions about the effectiveness of the officiating system. It will be interesting to see how the authorities respond to these concerns and what measures, if any, are taken to address them.

Forest have to adopt siege mentality against Manchester City

Well, this news is quite infuriating, to say the least. Forest fans will be livid at this and they’ve every right to be.

It just reiterates the point that if you’re not in the top six then the checks for little things will be fewer and far between.

Forest do have to move on from this at some point though and ultimately, they face the champions at home on Sunday afternoon.

Attwell has suffered no repercussions for his awful performance – are we surprised? – and will take charge of a game in the Premier League this weekend.

The club aren’t going to take this one lying down and they need to now leave the powers that be to deal with the PGMOL.

Stuart Attwell appointed VAR for Manchester City v Manchester United


Forest fans should be right on top of the players on Sunday and hopefully, the Reds can stun the champions.

To not even have a look at this decision is incompetent at its highest form and it’s absolutely bonkers that Attwell chose not to give it a once-over

If he had, he’d have seen that Young didn’t play the ball and a review would have surely been recommended to Taylor.

Had this same incident happened to one of the big six in the Premier League, there is absolutely no way that Attwell wouldn’t have checked it.

That alone is enough to make even the calmest of Forest fans seriously angry with the whole system and only Attwell knows why he made this horrendous call.

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