The controversy over Stuart Attwell’s VAR judgments against Everton on Sunday is still raging.

This season, Forest could be relegated since Luton’s remaining schedule is considerably easier than the Reds’.

With four games left in the campaign, everything is not lost, even though they are also playing poorly.

Last night, when Wolves hosted Bournemouth at Molineux, Attwell was right in the heart of things once more.

The home crowd became rather irate with him when he gave up a goal for essentially nothing.

What will happen next in the conflict between Forest and the PGMOL has now been revealed in a report.

What will happen next between Howard Webb and Nottingham Forest

The argument will undoubtedly continue, and it doesn’t seem like this one will end anytime soon.

Although it’s unclear exactly what Forest meant when they said over the weekend that they were “considering their options,” they are eager to hear responses.

According to the Daily Mail, Webb plans to meet with Nottingham Forest in an attempt to seek a ceasefire on the entire situation.

This week is when the meeting with Sokratis Kominakis, the club’s minority stakeholder, or Evangelos Marinakis is scheduled to occur.

In order to hear the audio recording of the events on Saturday that prevented the Reds from receiving three penalty kicks, Forest has legally requested to hear it.


Referees chief Howard Webb will hold peace talks with Nottingham Forest this week after furious statement blasting decisions and Stuart Attwell... with VAR audio set to be played at the meeting |


It’s far too late for Webb to act and his position is now perilous

Attwell shouldn’t have been placed in that situation on Sunday, and this isn’t the first episode Forest has endured this season.

Webb’s decision to place a potential Luton supporter on VAR for such a crucial game is a glaring example of his stupidity.

It’s absurd that the Premier League has descended to this position, marred as it has this season by refereeing gaffes and point deductions.

Although Forest will now have a face-to-face opportunity to express their resentment with Webb, what exactly will this do in the near run?

We predict that the PGMOL and Forest’s relationship is irreparably damaged, and that the only thing this meeting will accomplish will be to irritate Marinakis even more.

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