Devin Booker might join one of three clubs with a plenty of assets if the Phoenix Suns find themselves in a terrible asset situation.

After suffering a devastating sweep at the hands of the Phoenix Suns in the opening round of the 2024 NBA Playoffs, the team must quickly reassemble its lineup. The Suns need to rebuild their team in order to contend for the upcoming campaign because they have little draft or trade assets. However, as a result of their struggles, the Knicks, Spurs, and Thunder are keeping an eye on Devin Booker’s trade availability, per Fox Sports.

Unverified reports have already surfaced suggesting that Booker and the New York Knicks have a shared interest. For what it’s worth, the Knicks could offer a player package that, without changing their starting lineup, checks off multiple boxes posed by a Western Conference scout: tough power forward Precious Achiuwa; point guard Miles McBride; and rim protector Mitchell Robinson.”


Devin Booker Linked With Possible Move To The Knicks, Spurs, Or Thunder

In addition, one Eastern Conference general manager stated that it’s questionable if Booker will stay before another Eastern executive proposed the Oklahoma City Thunder or the San Antonio Spurs as Booker’s potential next stop, according to the Ric Bucher story on Fox Sports.

“Booker might be a perfect fit for the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs. He would be paired with rookie big man Victor Wembanyama for the Spurs. Since shooting guard Jalen Williams and point guard Shai Gilgeous Alexander are almost the same size as the 6’6″ Booker, the Thunder already have a strong young backcourt that could provide a dangerous trio of two-way threats.”

Given that they have some of the highest draft capital of any team, the Spurs and Thunder may have to part with their franchise star in order to make a significant investment to restock the Suns’ roster.

Throughout the season, Booker averaged 27.1 points and 6.9 assists, and during the playoffs, he put up 27.5 points and 6.0 assists. If the Suns keep going in the direction of being unable to compete in a Western Conference that is completely stacked, the 27-year-old may become impatient soon.


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The Suns Feel Their Roster Is Championship-Caliber

The Phoenix Suns, who have Booker, Bradley Beal, and Kevin Durant as their core trio, think they have enough strength to run it back next season, despite popular belief. Owner of the team Mat Ishbia has stated that 26 NBA teams would swap their whole roster for the Suns’ squad.

“Ask the other 29 general managers; 26 of them would give up their whole team in exchange for our entire squad, our draft picks, and the entire package… There is no fire in the house. We’re at a really good place. It is easily fixed. We don’t feel as though we lack the talent necessary to take home a championship. We are talented enough to take home the title.”

There are eight teams in the Conference Semi-Finals that would strongly disagree with it, so Ishbia is lying outright. The Lakers, Spurs, and a plethora of other teams would not do this, even if they were no longer in the playoffs.

The Suns won’t be able to get back what they traded for Kevin Durant because of his age and tendency to transfer teams. The same can be said for Bradley Beal, a bad asset whose value has further decreased that the Suns dealt for despite nobody wanting to trade for him after he obtained his no-trade clause.

Since a deal involving Booker would probably offer them assets that could allow them to create space to rebuild a competitive squad around Durant and Beal—whose trade worth won’t turn a profit for Phoenix—he is the lone player with franchise-altering value.



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