The risk made by the Phoenix Suns on Bradley Beal during the offseason has backfired, as several NBA players now view his contract as “toxic debt.”

The hard reality of Beal’s large contract, which includes a no-trade provision, is facing the Suns following a dismal season and an elimination from the playoffs in the first round. Before Kevin Durant and Devin Booker demand moves, an Eastern Conference executive told Fox Sports that the organization needs to move on from Beal’s contract, which has turned into a burden.

Beal’s performance in the previous season also raised concerns, as he only managed to average 18.2 points per game, his lowest since the 2015-16 season. The Suns faced challenges due to their lack of quality depth beyond Beal, Durant, and Booker, which became evident during the playoffs, leading to a disappointing exit.

The Suns likely brought Beal on board to form a potent trio with Durant and Booker, but instead, it has resulted in a problematic contract situation. Beal’s contract still has $160 million remaining, making it tough to attract potential trade partners.


NBA Executive Brutally Rips Bradley Beal’s ‘Toxic’ Contract


Consequently, the Suns might have to part with valuable assets to facilitate Beal’s departure, and his possession of a no-trade clause allows him to veto any proposed trade. This places the team in a challenging position, as they need to resolve this contract issue to construct a competitive roster around Durant and Booker.

The Suns’ offseason maneuvers will play a pivotal role in determining their future success. They must navigate this complex situation adeptly and restructure their roster without compromising too much value.

Should they falter in this endeavor, they run the risk of losing Durant and Booker to free agency, which could leave the team in a precarious state.


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