When the Seattle Seahawks acquired Jamal Adams in 2020, they believed they had found their long-term safety solution. Rather, Adams was never able to return to his All-Pro level due to injuries, and the transaction was essentially viewed as a disaster. Many people thought Adams’ time in Seattle would come to an end, as he is currently a free agent. That might not be the case, though. The Seahawks are reportedly considering bringing him back, but with a catch.


Could Jamal Adams Return to Seahawks In a New Role?

Seattle Seahawks Considering Bringing Back Jamal Adams?

As reported by ESPN’s Brady Henderson, sources within the Seattle Seahawks organization have indicated that Jamal Adams could potentially return to the team, albeit in a different role. If Adams were to come back, it would likely be in a part-time capacity as a weakside linebacker. This shift is prompted by the Seahawks’ constrained financial circumstances, coupled with Adams’ recent injury history and lack of sacks since 2020. It’s anticipated that any return would involve a contract close to the league minimum.

Transitioning to weakside linebacker would necessitate Adams to learn a new position, having previously excelled as a safety for the New York Jets. Known for his ability to thrive near the line of scrimmage, Adams notably set the NFL single-season record for sacks by a defensive back in 2020 with 9.5 sacks. Moving to linebacker could potentially offer him more opportunities to disrupt plays in the opposing team’s backfield.


Seahawks expect to have Jamal Adams and several others back in time to face  Bengals

Is Either Side Actually Considering This?

The potential return of Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks would undoubtedly make headlines. While it’s possible that another team might take a chance on Adams given his experience and potential veteran leadership, the presence of several quality safeties in the free agent market, such as Justin Simmons, could increase the likelihood of the Seahawks securing Adams on a smaller contract. For Adams, a position change could offer him an opportunity to continue his NFL career rather than being left without a team.

Under new head coach Mike MacDonald, the Seattle Seahawks defense is poised for improvement. With MacDonald’s reputation as one of the premier defensive play callers in the league, there’s optimism for the team’s defensive performance. If the Seahawks can effectively shut down opposing offenses, they have the offensive firepower to put points on the board. This combination could present challenges for top-tier teams in the NFC in the upcoming 2024 season, and if the Seahawks make it to the playoffs, they could prove to be a formidable opponent.

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