The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be a fascinating club to watch as the 2024 NFL season approaches. They are a drastically different squad now that they have made numerous offseason changes, including the addition of veteran star quarterback Russell Wilson. Given their chances of competing this year, Mike Tomlin and colleagues must be feeling optimistic.

Of course, there are still some unanswered questions. But the Steelers’ most obvious shortcoming from the previous campaign was the quarterback position’s lack of output.

Finding strategies to set his teams for success has been Wilson’s main focus for the most of his career. Wilson had a strong season even with the Denver Broncos last year.


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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Russell Wilson Receives Very Strange Comparison

Wilson hasn’t played a single game for the Pittsburgh Steelers yet, but his work ethic has been making waves. It’s obvious that he wants to play at a high level in Pittsburgh and to win.

According to Mark Kaboly of The Athletic, Wilson has started to be compared to former wide receiver Antonio Brown of the Steelers. He provided more details about the motivation behind the similarities.

“One team source said the Steelers haven’t seen someone work as hard at their craft as Wilson since the early days of Antonio Brown, who was renowned for his dedication to becoming the best wide receiver in the league for over five years.”


Russell Wilson is the new quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers - AS USA

Comparing anyone to Antonio Brown is usually not desirable, except in terms of his early-career work ethic. During his initial years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown was one of the league’s most formidable superstars. However, in the latter part of his career, his attitude worsened, tarnishing the legacy he had built.

Wilson, on the other hand, is motivated to prove the Broncos wrong for releasing him. The Steelers are placing significant trust in him to help them regain their footing. He is determined to silence his critics.

The 2024 season will be crucial for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have the potential to compete in the AFC, but this will depend on key players stepping up. Wilson is one of those players whose performance will be pivotal to the team’s success.

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