On the third day of the 2024 NFL Draft, former South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler was selected by the New Orleans Saints, who are overjoyed. His potential and physical characteristics are captivating. Throws that first-round picks make are made by Rattler. He commits the same errors as undrafted quarterbacks.

What was it that Rattler was particularly good at in college? What areas of his performance needs work? See the analysis of his performance, complete with movie clips, below.


2024 NFL Draft: QB Spencer Rattler, South Carolina, Round 5, Pick 150 to New  Orleans Saints

Why Spencer Rattler is an intriguing option to be the future QB for the Saints

Here’s Destin Adams’ evaluation of Spencer Rattler:

“The talent Rattler possesses is undeniable, and I believe he unquestionably has the potential to be a long-term starter in the NFL. However, he needs to avoid self-sabotage both on and off the field. His ideal situation at the next level would be to start as a backup behind an established veteran quarterback, allowing him to learn the ropes for a year or two. Additionally, having a top-notch offensive mind on staff to develop the mental aspects of Rattler’s game would be crucial. I currently have a late day two to early day three grade on Rattler, but given the number of teams in need of quarterbacks, I think he could be drafted higher than expected as teams project his potential at the next level.” — Adams via A to Z Sports


– Upper body power
– Spontaneous adaptation
– Mobility within and beyond the pocket
– Self-assurance



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