Cincinnati Reds infielder Elly De La Cruz has already stolen 30 bases, surpassing the totals of more than 18 MLB teams, and is on track to steal 110 bases this season. The last player to achieve this feat was Vince Coleman of the St. Louis Cardinals, who stole 110 bases in 1985. De La Cruz, who was named the 2023 National League Rookie of the Year, continues to impress with his exceptional speed and base-stealing prowess.

Reds Infielder Stealing More Bases Than 18 Other Teams

Last season, Elly De La Cruz stole 35 bases, and with June approaching, he has already reached 30 stolen bases this season. Besides Vince Coleman, other players who have stolen 100 or more bases in a season include Rickey Henderson, Lou Brock, Tom Brown, Maury Wills, Pete Browning, Billy Hamilton, Arlie Latham, Hugh Nicol, and John Ward. The question is whether De La Cruz is on pace for his first 100-stolen-base season.


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Recently, De La Cruz had an impressive game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, recording four stolen bases and hits. However, he has faced challenges due to a lack of protection in the lineup, which has impacted his opportunities to get on base. Despite these challenges, if De La Cruz were a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks, his current stolen base total would already place him in the franchise’s Top 10 for single-season steals.


Considering his current pace and if he maintains this rate throughout the season, De La Cruz has a strong chance of joining the elite group of players who have achieved 100 stolen bases in a single season.

Elly De La Cruz has shown signs of frustration recently, evidenced by an increase in walks and a tendency to swing at pitches far outside the strike zone. This has contributed to a recent 0-for-13 skid with eight strikeouts. Such fluctuations are typical for rookies, who often experience ups and downs. Despite these challenges, De La Cruz’s speed remains a formidable asset. For instance, last season, he reached base on a line drive to the Houston Astros’ first baseman, showcasing his quickness.


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This season, De La Cruz has a 3.6 BsR (Base Runs), which is second only to Brice Turang’s 4.0. BsR is a statistic that estimates the number of runs a player contributes to their team, considering their overall offensive performance and the number of runs they help generate or prevent. De La Cruz’s high BsR highlights his significant impact on the game, primarily driven by his exceptional speed on the bases.

Elly De La Cruz is now heavily favored to lead MLB in stolen bases, with odds at -1400. Having swiped 30 bases in just 47 games, he is currently on track to steal 103 bases over a full 162-game season. His latest betting odds are +375 for over 99.5 stolen bases and -500 for under 99.5 stolen bases.

At just 22 years old, De La Cruz already boasts an impressive baseball resume from his minor league days. He was named an MiLB Organization All-Star, a Midwest League Post-Season All-Star, the Midwest League Prospect of the Year, the Reds’ Minor League Player of the Year, Baseball America’s Reds Minor League Player of the Year, and Minor League Baseball’s Top Prospect in the Midwest League.

Last year’s stolen base leader, Ronald Acuña Jr., finished with 73 steals. De La Cruz currently has a significant lead over the next closest player, Brice Turang, who has 18 steals. If De La Cruz surpasses 100 stolen bases, it would mark the third time in Reds history and the first in the modern era. The only other instances were by Hugh Nicol, who stole 138 bases in 1887 and 103 bases in 1888.

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