Kevin Keegan visited South Shields FC yesterday for a talk-in with Peter Reid, bringing him back to the North East.

Kevin Keegan, who should need little introduction to Newcastle supporters, served as manager of St. James Park twice.

The first period was by far the most successful, bringing Newcastle up from Division Two while becoming everyone’s second side with exhilarating offensive football, bringing the club within striking distance of Premier League glory. Newcastle were known as The Entertainers during this time period.

Keegan responded to a question about whether having Newcastle back where they belong made him feel proud: “Pride and hope. That is allegedly the issue. What they lacked under Mr. Ashley was that. They were without hope and unable to discern any relief from their situation. There is now a sizable tunnel there with lots of light.

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Keegan has always been able to relate to Newcastle’s fans.


“I wouldn’t say that because I know how difficult it is, but it won’t be easy. However, they meet all criteria necessary to be considered one of the major teams, including huge attendance and St. James’ Park’s intimidating atmosphere. Additionally, the club is currently being handled by those who hired the appropriate personnel and have financial resources. When you combine those factors, you believe that going up is the only option.

You can tell that Mike Ashley’s actions were motivated by Keegan’s inherent understanding of Newcastle supporters and their bond with the team. Despite being a personal matter for Keegan, what it did to the fans also irks him.

Thankfully, Mike Ashley’s reign is now only a dim memory, or it will be when the final relic of his rule—the agreement with Castore—expires at the end of the current campaign.

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