Zeki Amdouni, a star for Burnley, has stated that even though the team seems like they’re headed back to the Championship, spirits are still high at Turf Moor.
As Turf Moor fights to stay in the Premier League, the striker has been talking to Blick about life there this season.
With 13 points, the Clarets are currently tied for 19th place in the table with Sheffield United, who are 11 points from safety.

Burnley news - Football, England
Burnley’s season hasn’t gone as planned. The team won the Championship the previous year with a strong offensive game that won them many fans and raised expectations for their return to the top division.

They have only scored 25 goals and let up 60 goals in their first 27 games, demonstrating their inability to adjust.
Despite the fact that they have lost 20 of their first 27 games, Amdouni maintains that “the team spirit is still good.” This has drawn a lot of criticism.
“Football is not always easy, but we have to grow together in such difficult moments,” he emphasized.

Burnley news - Football, England

With those kinds of goal totals, attention is drawn to Burnley’s front players—Amdouni included—and their performances.
Despite being a regular for Kompany this season—having signed a €18.6 million contract to leave FC Basel—he has only scored four goals and one assist in 26 games thus far.

These are far from the stats he had in Switzerland, when he was a consistent goal scorer for teams like Basel and FC Stade Lausanne, among others.

Although he acknowledges that at initially he put off the transfer, it was his stats there that piqued Burnley’s interest.

While Kompany was still at Anderlecht, he affirms that communication with Burnley “took place over two years ago,” adding that a change “would have been too early back then.”

As an alternative, he made the wise choice to stay put and make a name for himself in his native country.

“My first goal was to establish myself in the Super League.” Playing as much as possible is vital at my age,” he continued.

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