In Saturday’s victory over Brentford, the 23-year-old was substituted for Jacob Bruun Larsen in the 69th minute.

At the moment, Burnley was up 2-0 as David Fofana had just scored their second goal of the match.
However, in the 83rd minute, Kristoffer Ajer headed a header home, setting up a thrilling climax.

The match at Turf Moor ended in suspense as Brentford, down to 10 men, placed pressure on the home team in the closing minutes.

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany explains decision to take off substitute Zeki Amdouni against Brentford

when stoppage time approached, Kompany made another decision that caused some observers to squirm when Amdouni was taken off the field barely 26 minutes after his arrival.

Josh Brownhill was the man who should have replaced him in the starting lineup, and Amdouni looked understandably dejected as he made his way back to the bench.

Kompany gave an explanation for his choice, saying he didn’t want to give referee Darren Bond a reason to even the scores.

“I think the last thing we need is to go down to 10 men and we still have Browny there,” he stated, referring to the fact that he picked up a yellow card and committed a foul directly in front of our box.

He finds it difficult, but he will persevere. He is aware of our affection and appreciation for his talent.

“He’ll have to get back up and try again; it’s just part of his career.”

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