Vincent Kompany does not have a point total in mind for Burnley’s remaining seven league games.

On Saturday, the Clarets go to Goodison Park for a crucial matchup with the team at the bottom of the Premier League standings.

Nottingham Forest, who are currently in 17th place, is six points behind Sean Dyche’s team, who are currently seven points ahead in the standings.

All of which indicates that Burnley is aware that, in order to have any chance of avoiding relegation, they will need to win on Saturday in Merseyside.

Instead of getting bogged down in an argument about how many points Burnley might need, Kompany is choosing to concentrate on the now.


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“Aim for as many victories as you can. I keep things extremely basic,” he remarked.

“You overcomplicate everything; if all we do is concentrate on winning the next game and do it consistently, that’s all that has to be done.

“We’ve experienced it in two seasons at two very different ends of the league, so even though it sounds cliche, it’s still very much the same mindset that you hear now.”

Nottingham Forest’s victory over Fulham increased the margin to safety to six points, even though they managed a creditable draw in midweek.

Kompany responded, “No,” when asked if that was a big cause of aggravation. Sometimes, it seems like frustration is the name of the game. the following day? No chance, it’s over, move on.

“Everyone has this habit of believing everything finishes after these next seven games or whatever, and I might be a little bit different. No, we don’t.

It’s not like we go home, lie on the beach, and never come back after the next seven games. It is merely an extension.

This is meant to convey the idea that frustration shouldn’t last too long. You must go on. What matters is everything that lies ahead.

“We are fully confident going into every game we have this season and beyond,” the spokesperson said. It’s critical that people have a different perspective than “we’ve had a setback and it’s the end of the world.” That isn’t how I work.

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